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Amazing Features

Why Dolphin is revolutionary. 4 highlights

It's affordable

Dolphin is integrated with commercial offers and reductions; we are now selling this device below production price.

It's comfortable

Manageable and flexible, guaranteeing firm grip during the operations. Easy to carry thanks to the strap with multiple handling.

Spencer Dolphin

It's revolutionary

R&D and engineering improvement, attention to every detail and field tests are the base of success in shaping the Dolphin.

It's multitasking

Dolphin integrates 3 different devices: a rescue tube, a fin-storage and flex mask housing, speeding up and improving your performances.

You'll love it

Unprecedented handling and control, obtained combining and harmonious touch sensation with an high grip coefficient; dynamic features, strong and reassuring, cutting edge lines and charming design. Dolphin's equipment will allow you to feel comfortable with yourself and the passion for your own job, distinguishing between lifeguard for style and professionalism.

  • guaranteed to last over 25 years
  • highly customizing profile, including cool gadgets
  • educative materials monitoring and promoting top performances.

Engineering the Dolphin

Analysis of the results of all the possible raw materials confirmed to our specialists that self-expanded closed cell polyurethane is the best choice to obtain the perfect balance between the needed flexibility and resistance.

The sinuous wavy shape is easy to grab and adapt for fast movements, feeling almost like an extension of your arm having an extremely soft touch sensation. The 1.8 kilograms are proportionally distributed along the large surface area (1200x170x80 mm) allowing a wider and longer throwing range and also permits Dolphin to sustain heavier patients.

Straps have been studied to embrace Dolphin’s structure and offer a double function: multiple devise handling and a solid hold. Field tests have demonstrated that the Flex mask and fin housing helps to improve rescue outcome with a notable reduction in rescue time that can increase life saving performance by 75%.

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